Submission Guidelines

Submissions may be made either by email or old fashioned postal delivery. All submissions should include the artist’s full contact information, your website address, and a short bio. By sending us your material you are giving us permission to feature it on our website. Please be explicit if there are any conditions upon the publication of your work.

We unfortunately cannot be responsible for any mail lost in transit and are unable to return any materials. (Exceptions may be made for valuable items—please contact us in advance.)

Visual art

If you would like to email your work to us, please ensure each image is at least 700 pixels wide, and each file should be no larger than 5 MB. Accepted file formats are jpg, gif, and png. Physical samples may also be mailed to us, although we are unable to return any submissions.


You may submit music for review by mailing a CD, sending us a link to where we may find your music online, or by attaching an MP3 file (or archive) to an email. Please only include one file per email. We love featuring sample music downloads by independent artists, so please indicate whether we are able offer one or more tracks on our website.

Film & video

Please submit films on DVD or MiniDV. Works may also be submitted digitally—send us a link to where the material can be viewed or downloaded online. Please indicate whether we can host your work (or a trailer) on our website. If you are interested in public screenings of your work, please consider our partner project, Cinema Politica.

Et cetera

Further details on contributing will be posting soon. In the meanwhile, email us and let us know how you would like to get involved, or what you would like to submit for consideration.