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Fall 2014

Maiden: one of the most honest depictions of popular protest ever filmed
Activist pasts, austere presents, queered futures: An interview with Emily Davidson
Ethnography 101: La cour de Babel and La marche à suivre
What does the word Polytechnique mean to you?
The Look of Silence: breathtaking in every sense
Daniel Higgs at Café Oto: a refuge of cultural integrity

Summer 2014

Just For Laughs: Gregg Proops & Paul F. Tompkins
Just For Laughs: Jerrod Carmichael, Nikki Glaser & Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It
Just For Laughs: David O’Doherty & What Would Beyoncé Do?
Montreal Fringe: Hue Man & The Dysmorphia Diet
Montreal Fringe: God as Drag Queen, Big Gay Weddings, and Peeing on Stage for Poverty
Montreal Fringe: Chlamydia dell’Arte: A Sex-Ed Burlesque
Montreal Fringe: Ginger Slurs & Slut Shaming
Montreal Fringe: Kitt & Jane guide us through the ecological apocalypse
Montreal Fringe: Our Creation, Existence, & Destruction in 55 Minutes
My Playwright Sister: a play about a play about a transgender sibling

Spring 2014

Engaging and Enraging: A Review of The Secret Trial 5
An open letter to George W. Bush, the artist
Hugs With Arms will put affordable art on your walls
The Condemned exposes the dark lives of convicted murderers
Asking the right questions: A review of Private Violence
A soulful assemblage: A review of Come Worry with Us!
Sheen and gloss, personal and political: A Review of We are the Giant
A visceral, jarring work: A review of Children 404
Transform This: iconic Johnny Cash photo used to protest Saskatchewan university cuts
Abortion at sea: A review of Vessel
Evaporating Borders explores asylum-seekers in Cyprus
Hot Docs 2014 preview: politically punchy program, but diversity concerns persist

Winter 2014

Should artists be able to pay taxes with artwork?
Painting, Resisting, Giggling: An Interview with George Littlechild
VoiceOver documentary reframes the 2011 London riots
The Act of Killing: My family lived through it
The Act of Killing: a step forward in a country that must look back
Mars at Sunrise is a Cinematic Tone Poem
The Act of Killing: Liberal Porn or Daring Activism?
Gender Mender: XXY is a cinematic exploration of intersexuality

FALL 2013

Remembering documentary film legend Peter Wintonick
JFK after 50 years: Berlin to Dallas, Cold War to Camelot
Children 404: film exposes Russia’s crackdown on LGBTQ youth takes healthcare to an unexpected place: the tattoo parlour
Allegheny, BC: transformative theatre that shirks corporate culture
Ian Kamau: artistic reflections on city life
The Foodies vs. Miracle-Gro: bad advertising only perverted tomato squeezers could love
Game of Thrones and racist fantasy

Summer 2013

Things are different now
Fearless photography explores the Egyptian women of the revolution
Butch dykes: a herstory told in zines
The Art and Money Project: exploring the nexus of creativity and capitalism
Hungry planet pictures what we eat around the world
Mapping the world’s largest solar farm with project 929
Conservative christ illustrates america’s evil jesus
Blood work: a conversation with the director of blood relative

Spring 2013

Hot Docs turns 20
Temps libre: an album filled with hope, inspired by the printemps érable
Return to Gummo
Print your own gun
The Ghosts in Our Machine defends the animals on our screen
Bowling for Columbine turns ten
Weiwei-isms: the Coles Cotes of an infamous Chinese dissident
Sonny’s happy future demands you perk up your ears

Winter 2013

The documentary download dilemma
Blown up: gaming and war
London Triptych traces queer desire across the centuries
Art at War surveys creativity under nazi occupation, from Picasso to Dubuffet
A visit to Josh Keyes’ dystopian zoo
On efficacy and ideology: Zero Dark Thirty and the ethical justification of torture
Buying music online is a bad deal
This art is all about anger: the Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book

Fall 2012

Scrap America: a conversation with Scrapper filmmaker Brian Ashby
Do grassroots archives have a future?
Breaching the foreclosure of critique
The imagination, art, and activism of Herman’s House
Public Access Design unites artists and advocates on urgent social issues
Femininity, fantasy, and fever dreams: The Lava in My Bones by Barry Webster
Skyfall a great romp but a gender bust
Water Portraits brings water usage closer to home
Una Noche a beautiful story of a challenging life
Privatizing creativity: the ruse of creative capitalism
Hacking the border to pieces: technology, poetics, and protest at the speed of dreams

Summer 2012

Guernica brings Picasso’s grotesque cubist forms to life through theatre
Why the Paul Frank powwow apology matters
First Day Back tackles queer teen suicide
Growing up in the muck-stream of America
Play on human trafficking touches without playing the guiltcard
Finding (Queer) Time: First Spring Grass Fire by Rae Spoon
Montreal-North stand up: part two — an interview with MC Emrical
Togetherness Supreme in East Africa
Everyone Needs Their Heart: Vancouver’s Fugitives sing against Bill C-31
Duets for Abdelrazik help keep human rights abuses in spotlight
Walking as art to avoid global catastrophe
Invocation of the Queer Spirits by AA Bronson and Peter Hobbs
Love and death on the side of the road: a conversation with taxidermy sculptor Kate Puxley
Russian LGBT Film Fest pushes ahead despite attacks

Spring 2012

Pioneer Ladies of the Evening
Pierre Leichner’s root sculptures celebrate local activists
Ghosts with Shit Jobs: is this $4,000 “lo-fi sci-fi” the future of Canadian Filmmaking?
Jonathan Alpeyrie: portraits of WWII Veterans From All Sides
More houses, less prisons: a review of the compelling documentary Herman’s House
Hot Docs 2012: preview — the good, the bad, the incomprehensible
Hot Docs 2012: midpoint roundup
One Month Later: How the 2012 Federal Budget Impacts the Arts
Killing Saskatchewan’s film tax credit is economic nonsense
Artistry flows from V6A, “Canada’s poorest postal code”
Sonic solidarity for Ziba Kazemi
Humour: The most vicious way to attack someone
Managing Public Art: Bryan Newson of Vancouver’s Public Art Program
Roots to Resistance project shares stories of courage

Winter 2012

Animals in the Hen House
KONY 2012 and the mischievous media habits of slacktivists
Thomas Waugh flirts with fantasy while fucking reality
Blackitude by Vox Sambou evokes the power of resistance
Portraits of a young girl influenced by the mainstream
Michael D’Antuono challenges US government’s monetary redistribution
Nicolás de Jesús inks anti-colonial history
Paint it or rape it: would the Group of Seven condone the tar sands?
Groucho Marx: What this country needs
Reclaiming the Mainstream: Comopolitan magazine gets the alt media treatment
Is Enbridge using art to greenwash the Northern Gateway?
Postcolonial politics threatens integrity of Documenta 13 art exhibition
Let’s do this: Making is Connecting by David Gauntlett
Diego Rivera and the aesthetics of appetite at the MoMa
What’s the value of an art school? Contextualizing the crisis at NSCAD

Fall 2011

Art and inspiration meet on Montreal streets
Looking for the Political at Art Basel
Why is CBC running sexist Volkswagen ads?
Russia co-opts radical shock art
Oscar short list for best doc comes up short
Two docs explore violence and resistance
New Nordic Documentary Cinema: identity and belonging made visible
Litter made lovely: Washed Up by Alejandro Durán
Engaged devotion and care: the terrariums of Paula Hayes
Us and Them: dialogue meets theatre in this look at how we create the other
10 documentary films on capitalism and economics
Put the Pocahontas back on the rack
Politics play prominently at the 54th Venice Biennale
Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme
Understanding the Crash illustrates resistance to capitalism
Art as a Weapon: Eric Drooker and the persistence of the committed artist

Summer 2011

Althea Thauberger’s photo mural speaks of Vancouver’s darkness
Art exhibit seeks to foster dialogue on 9/11
Isabelle Hayeur’s Underworlds present views of the chemical coast
The deserted but beautiful homes of Detroit: Kevin Bauman’s 100 Abandoned Houses
Experimental guitarist Nick Kuepfer (free mp3 downloads)
MC Emrical warns police and politicians on the anniversary of Fredy Villanueva’s death
Stealing to save the world: Kenk is a dark graphic novel about Toronto’s notorious bike thief
#Jan25: Omar Offendum’s soundtrack of the Syrian revolution
China expands CCTV surveillance, camera theatre companies rejoice
A new generation of threats to online freedom
One play at a time: Teesri Duniya Theatre challenges the status quo
How the audience disillusions itself
Howl! live recording 1
The beauty and agony of home: God’s Lake Narrows artist Kevin Lee Burton
Viva Riva! revives Congolese filmmaking
New old school: Rebel Diaz Arts Collective brings back NYC hip-hop

Spring 2011

Toronto theatre fest gets funding pulled: a conversation with Michael Rubenfeld
Paying for it: A review of the comics prostitution memoir by Chester Brown
Michael Caines’ depictions of US leaders are sincere yet ridiculous
Myth-busting the Internet: The truth about throttling, congestion and usage-based billing
Breaking free of format and formula: Public Radio Remix’s Roman Mars
Crowd-sourcing history with the Place and Memory Project
Tapping into the treasures of fictional truths: an interview with Jonathan Goldstein
Canada’s troublesome lack of a consistent satirical voice
St-Henri, the 26th of August offers a cinematic look at a vibrant Montreal neighbourhood
Walk the line in Palestine with Mark Thomas and Francis Alvos
New Orleans and the culture of resistance: interview with Floodlines author Jordan Flaherty
Hot Docs 2011 — A film festival grows up
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: The Interrupters
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: Better This World
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: You’ve Been Trumped
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: The Redemption of General Butt Naked
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: Draquila – Italy Trembles
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: Mama Africa
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
Hot Docs 2011 — Review: POM Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold
A Conservative government: What now for the arts?
Liberate Tate urges dialogue over public/private arts funding
Nope! The Harper Government has got Bob Preson’s goat
The arts are vital to our prosperity
It won’t be the same without sculpture: Vancouver Biennale to auction public artwork
Paint and piano reflect Mideast resistance
Poet and performer Kaie Kellough on language, poetry & power
Imaging Apartheid: poster project supports the Palestinian struggle against occupation
Unsettling the settlers: an interview with Israel vs. Israel director Terje Carlsson
The things they carried: photographer Brian Howell explores shopping cart culture
Donald Trump goes to Washington: the dark side of TV ratings and presidential posturing
Director of Vancouver’s W2 talks art cuts
Konstantin Dimopoulos paints the world’s lungs blue
Imagine & Canada’s Conservative nightmare
Venus with Biceps: a pictorial history of muscular women
Where are the women? Media conference asks why women are still scarce in the industry

Winter 2011

Wafaa Bilal: a portrait of an Iraqi artist in a time of war
Dave Estes thanks Lieberman, Monsanto, Gov. Scott Walker and more
The Junos: Canada’s oldest teenager
Canada’s “Harper Government” abandons poetry and literature
Dan Tague shows money can speak
Death to Knowledge: artists rally against cuts to the arts and culture
The Oscars: a necrospective
Who will save Charlie Sheen?
Dancing in the immensity: Disappear by Ian Ferrier reflects on the impermanence of life
Regretters: an intimate conversation about sex change
Sexy béton: Quebec’s tale of carnage and corruption
Making “pun” of lesbians: Illustrator Vainui de Castelbajac spreads love through humour
Changes to Vancouver bylaws pave way for atypical venues
Can the Yes Men fix the world?
George Orwell’s 80s remix: themes of surveillance and censorship sounded out in Frakture
Russian performance art troupe harassed, threatened, jailed
Will Justin Bieber boycott Israel?
The dreams of The Girls of Phnom Penh: doc explores the lives of three sex workers
Of empires, power and poetry: why the language of poetry matters in politics today
Multiculturalism, outcasts and superheroes: a survey of docs that explore education
A modern reminder in the City of Glass: reading politics into Vancouver’s architecture
Debate for nothing: Dire Straits censorship uproar paints consumers as victims
The Moon Inside You: documentary explores one woman’s quest for a happy period
Montreal’s Howl concert series builds bridges between art and activism
12th & Delaware is a window into the American abortion war

Fall 2010

Rainmakers documentary profiles China’s warriors for the environment
Indie doc Call Me Salma explores queer culture in Bangladesh
No No Keshagesh by Buffy Sainte-Marie rebuffs greed during the holidays
9 amazing political art projects of 2010
The best political films of 2010
Gasland explains the the fracked-up truth behind natural gas
Murdered Mexican women inspire exhibition
Picking through the rubble of memory: a conversation with Joe Sacco
Aisheen documents life and death beyond the Gaza barricades
Tar on the Tusks: greenwash ads pollute The Walrus
Documentary depicts Sahara’s modern slavery controversy
Mapping Palestine as the world
Bringing the war home through street art
Freedom to Create honours art for change
Ain’t no party in apartheid: a conversation with Invincible
A ‘State of Emergency’ in Montreal as festival for the homless kicks off
Feds slash funding for homeless festival
Documenting the struggle against Shell: a conversation with Sandi Cioffi
Mohan Makhmalbaf gives voice to a muzzled Iran
Animal liberation at the movies: a conversation with Denis Henry Hennelly
Reel Injun explores aboriginal cinema stereotypes
Documentary exposes mining town’s resistance
Two documentaries explore being gay in unfriendly countries
The war on found objects: a conversation with Anthony Freda
We are all responsible for Omar Khadr
Chancellor Merkel mistakes labour policy for multiculturalism
Picturing the world: reflections on the World Press Photo 2010 exhibition
Along Bayou Road looks at Louisiana fishermen before and after the spill
Banksy’s Simpsons opening: a failed cultural critique?
39th Annual Festival du Nouveau Cinema kicks off in Montreal
First Nation artist shot dead by Seattle police
Activist marching bands and the sounds of protest
People Power play explores the 1986 Filipino revolution
Soulful renaissance: Naomi Shelton sings of hope and struggle
Prayer Room exhibit to commemorate 9/11
Violent protest of Q!, Jakarta’s gay film festival

Summer 2010

The Forgotten depicts BC’s missing women
SFU fulfills promise to contemporary artists with Woodward’s
The politics of the Polaris Music Prize
Artists back the right to education in Palestine
Whores, gore and killer fish: Piranha 3D is one big misogynist gorgy
Activists replace street advertising with art
Deep-tissue work: A conversation with filmmaker Rémy Huberdeau
Peter, Paul & Mary tell homophobes to cease and desist
Sam Shalabi: compositions across continents
Triumph for BC arts community
A Conversation with Return to El Salvador director Jamie Moffett
Video installation infiltrates 6000 NYC taxis
What’s at stake in Canada’s culture war?
A Short History of the BC Spirit Festival
Artist Profile: Nicholas Hlobo
“David Cameron endorses criminal graffiti vandal?” A conversation with Ben Eine
Chinese artist Wu Yuren beaten and jailed for land protest
UK Film Council disappears with extreme cuts to the arts in Britain
Four great summer flicks with political punch
Propaganda, racism and censorship at play over the Woods Hole Cinema Politica fracas

Spring 2010

The G20 summer blockbuster
Free MP3 download: Dear Ocean commemorates those killed on Gaza flotilla
Mobilizing social imagination: Broken City Lab’s reconstruction of Windsor
On the trail of women boxers in India: A conversation with the makers of With This Ring
Filling your head with “Stuffed”
Infringement Festival marks 7 years of artistic resistance
A conversation with the director of the powerful doc Bas: Beyond the Red Light
The Yes Men can’t corrupt the news, the mainstream media has done it for us
For Angela confronts Aboriginal stereotypes
What’s the status of guerrilla street art in Vancouver?
Fact not Fiction: Women Documentary Directors of the Americas
The animated chic of radical cats: The Pinky Show ascending
Elvis Costello cancels shows in Israel
Finkelstein fury: A conversation with American Radical’s directors
Giant plastic six-pack rings strangle public sculptures
500 Years of Resistance comic book documents aboriginal resistance
Public consultations on Canada’s digital future
Bélo sings for justice in Haiti
Report from Hot Docs: Bhutto, Budrus, and a questionable contract with Coke
Ronnie Burkett’s search for meaning in marionettes
Looking for truth’s ghost in the haunted house of journalism
The water agenda: an interview with filmmaker Liz Marshall
Kolkata Dreams: A poet’s eye in India

Winter 2010

Crude, sublime power: artists make unnerving points about environment
Palestinian poetic inspiration: Rafeef Ziadah
Ethnic cleansing of the Serengeti documented in new film
An interview with the directors of the haunting documentary A Tent on Mars
Beyond the textbook: documentaries as a tool for teaching
Olympic Mascot Mayhem: a conversation with photographer Jay Black
A Guernica for Gaia: the UK art world gets serious about climate change
The semiotics of protest and ethnographic violence at Vancouver 2010
Yuri’s Red Tent helps the homeless
Violence or vandalism: Safe Assembly at Vancouver 2010
Playing with fire in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
A World Without Water at the Olympics
Photos reflect on movements in Manila
One of the best environmental films ever made, Dreamland shakes the soul
Coca-Cola intimidates student group over film screening
Avatar: The new Dances with Wolves, now in Imax 3D

Fall 2009

Vox Sambou confronts AIDS through hip-hop
Racist docs! Punk Islam! Fake orgasms! Report from the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival
Documents show university spied on novelist
Public tragedy, corruption and the news: Sexy beton II opens in Montreal
One slick mess: An interview with H2Oil’s Shannon Walsh
Artists Against Apartheid play for Palestine
Queer love in a concentration camp
Community television is up for grabs
Opensourcing GM flowers: “Biopiracy” in the name of art
Artistic hammering: An interview with Donovan King

Spring/Summer 2009

Should we boycott TIFF?
Uighur doc spurs online attack on film festival
The Bible as bathroom stall
Saving local culture one witness at a time: inside the struggle to rescue Canadian TV
Living without Money: a timely new doc from Germany
The Free Music Archive: Collaboration in the cultural frontier
Acoustic ecstasy at Boston’s Megapolis
The new business of democracy: Low-profit limited liability as media reform
The Dictatorship of Debt: A funny and rowdy political play

Winter 2009

Remixing RiP: Two blogs debate the hit copyright documentary
Breaking the Sound Barrier: An Interview with Nancy Tobin
Opie in NY: an interview
The Be(A)st of Taylor Mac
Is new Middle Eastern art too political?
UK documentary probes The Age of Stupid
Molora: a Greek tragedy for the South African stage


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