Art Threat fills a neglected publishing niche where art and politics overlap. Our readers are diverse, but they all share a passion for the arts, culture and politics. They include artists of all stripes, as well as art lovers, academics, activists and students.

Ads that deal with political art and cultural policy will be very well received, although our readers are also highly receptive to ads about the arts more generally, as well as progressive political messages and campaigns.

Rates & Specifications

Art Threat sells its online ad inventory on a CPM basis. (CPM = Cost Per Thousand pageviews) Although we’re a young website, we’re growing quickly, delivering about 30,000 pages to human readers (not robots!) every month.

Ad Type Size (in pixels) Cost (CPM)
Square button 125 x 125 $5.00
Medium Rectangle 300 x 100 $8.00
Large Rectangle 300 x 250 $10.00

For example, if you wanted a square button to run 10,000 times, your total cost would be $50. Of if you wanted a medium rectangle to run 100,000 times, your cost would be $900. We can provide a solution for every size advertising budget.

You can also chose how your ad impressions are distributed, opting to show your ad on every page until they run out, or to spread them out over a longer period of time. Have an ad that only appeals to Brits, Bosnians or Mac users in Budapest? We can target your ad to specific readers based on geography, operating system, and a variety of other criteria.

We also do ad swaps with other organizations, and offer discounted rates to non-profit organizations with some limitations. Please contact us for details.