About us

Art Threat was your guide to political art and cultural policy. We wrote about art that seeks to interpret, influence, or reflect upon society. We discussed policy as it pertains to culture. And we showcased artists whose work inspires social change.

Rob Maguire

Editor / Founder

Rob Maguire is an arts marketer with a passion for political art. He’s the Marketing & Communications Manager at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, and moonlights as the president of Pi Theatre. Find him on Twitter or on a wet ultimate frisbee field near you.

Ezra Winton

Editor / Founder

Ezra Winton is a co-founder and head programmer for Cinema Politica, the largest community and campus-based documentary screening network in the world. He has a PhD in Communication Studies from Carleton University, is a contributing editor at POV Magazine and is a co-editor of Challenge for Change: Activist Documentary at the NFB.

Past Contributors

Amanda McCuaig, Michael Lithgow, Stefan Christoff, Tyler Morgenstern, Terry Fairman, Anne Cottingham, Matthew Hays, Ian Alan Paul, Julia Pyper, Kristi Kouchakji, Leslie Dryer, Max Haiven, Mel Hogan.