Michelangelo’s David takes up arms in American gun ad

2 Posted by - March 9, 2014 - Advertising, Blog, Visual art

An American weapons manufacturer is the subject of outrage in Italy — but this international offensive lies strictly within the cultural realm.

ArmaLite's David advertisement

ArmaLite, an Illinois-based small arms engineering firm, has bestowed indignity upon Michelangelo’s David by using the classical sculpture as a prop in a rifle advertisement.

The tacky advert has incensed Italian culture minister Dario Franceschini, who made his displeasure public on Twitter yesterday: “The advertisement image of David armed offends and infringes the law.”

The ad itself is nearly a year old, having first been tweeted by ArmaLite itself as part of an promotional campaign last May that also placed the same rifle on a museum wall between American Gothic and the Mona Lisa.

The city of Florence, which is home to the famed statue, has reportedly sent a legal notice to ArmaLite to withdraw the advertisement.

Michelangelo’s David pictured holding rifle in American advert | The Guardian

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