Tanishq ad for second wedding strikes a chord

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Across the pond and over the hills to India, a new ad by jeweller Tanishq is the talk of the town for pushing boundaries.

Created by one of India’s largest communication groups, LOWE Lintas, Tanishq’s latest ad features a gorgeous dusky bride on her wedding day. After having her jewellery put on by friends and family, a young girl comes in. Is she a neice? A family friend? As the ad progresses, we discover that the little girl is the woman’s daughter. No taboo-busting here in North America (hell, I was part of both my mom’s and my dad’s second weddings), but historically in India women who have been widowed or divorced have become outcasts.

Not so in this heart warming ad. When the daughter indicates that she wants to take part in the ceremony (“my turn to go ’round ’round”) the groom scoops her up and allows her to participate.

A Tanishq print ad c. 2011

LOWE Lintas didn’t stop at just this level of taboo-busting. They also chose a model, Priyanka Bose, with a skin tone darker than many Indian advertising models. And it’s paying off: many of the ad’s commenters are happy to see a “more normal” skin tone in play. (For comparison, here’s a previous Tanishq ad).

Kudos goes to Tanishq for taking on LOWE’s bold proposal. The ad could have put the jeweller on the outs, but instead has put it in the spotlight.

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