Banksy in NYC: highlights from the first two weeks

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New Yorkers have spent the past two weeks tripping over themselves as they attempt to locate new Banksy works as they pop up each morning.

The British artist is currently halfway through a month-long residency “on the streets of New York,” and his daily creations, which include video and other creative interventions, have been generating heaps of buzz.

Banksy himself has been posting each day’s work along with text and audio commentary on his website Better Out Than In, but here are a few of the highlights from the first half of October.

The Sirens of the Lambs

The Sirens of the Lambs - Banksy

Some folks are wondering whether Banksy might be a vegetarian after his not-so-subtle attack on the meat industry. The Sirens of the Lambs is an installation built into a slaughterhouse delivery truck, and features screaming, animatronic stuffed animals. The truck toured New York’s Meatpacking District before rolling out to the rest of the city.

Syrian Rebels vs Dumbo

Using altered footage from the Syrian war, Banksy depicts several rebels shooting Disney’s favourite elephant out of the sky in a video whose intentions are unclear and up for debate.

Spray Art Stall in Central Park

Central Park spray art stall - Banksy
Banksy set up a stall in Central Park selling original works for $60. Only a handful of sales was made, and the buyers appeared oblivious to the true market value of the art they were holding.

A Tribute to 9/11?

9/11 tribute - Banksy
In another work of uncertain intentions, Banksy make an obvious reference to 9/11. Is it, as some have argued, cliché? Or is there something more complex behind it?

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