Two songs about Rob Ford smoking crack

1 Posted by - May 30, 2013 - Blog, Sound

The Rob Ford crack controversy has a soundtrack.

First we have the bluntly titled Rob Ford Smoking Crack by 21-year-old hip hop artist Corey Charron. The three-minute ditty tells a fictional account in which Charron, who recently won a $5,000 freestyle competition on US network BET, smokes crack cocaine with the Toronto mayor and ends up stuck in traffic, because Ford “f–ked us with public transit.” (Don’t miss the full lyrics.)

Up next is Our Mayor, an electronic remix by Rynecologist that samples audio from Ford’s arrogant denial that he smokes crack, as well as some choice quotes from a media scrum held by Ford’s mouthpiece-slash-brother Doug later that day.

Photo courtesy of Rob Ford’s Facebook page.

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