Bank of Canada cries counterfeit over Duffy Buck cartoon

1 Posted by - May 29, 2013 - Blog, Visual art

Editorial cartoonist Dan Murphy has created a parody of a Canadian bank note featuring maligned senator Mike Duffy — he of the fraudulent $90,000 in expense claims.

The humourless Bank of Canada, however, demanded the cartoon be removed in an email sent from their “anti-counterfeiting compliance program.” The Bank argues that the parody violated their copyright on the Canadian $50 bill.

Now, section 29 of Canada Copyright Act provides “fair dealing” exceptions for the purpose of parody, and the itself Bank referred to the cartoon as a parody in their own email.

Either the Bank of Canada has really terrible lawyers, or the Harper Government is continuing to pull every string they can in an attempt to make Duffygate disappear.

Bonus: there is now an animated version of the bill, detailing the security features, including a winking, holographic Nigel Wright and the faint smell of pork.

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