Sexist Ford India advert criticized

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The Huffington Post has come to be known as a reliable news source for sleazy celebrity raunch, violent sensationalism and mindless drivel. From time to time the liberal news site does produce good stories, but the Huffpost still shows its profit over morals design even when those green stems rise above the grey muck.

Take today’s post about the offensive advert for Ford India showing a Berlusconi lookalike flashing the peace sign as he gets into his Ford Figo with an impressive boot (trunk) large enough to store three bound and gagged scantily clad women (one of whom is crying).

HuffPo's coverage of the Ford fracas

HuffPo’s coverage of the Ford fracas

The advertising firm responsible, WPP, claim this was all an accident and the image wasn’t meant for the public, but the fact that it even exists while people continue to protest in India against a corrupt system that allows rampant rape is unforgivable (as it would be any other context as well).

However, peeling yet another layer of scum from this awful media incident reveals HuffPost’s “You May Also Like” image and text links at the bottom of the story, two of which focus on Britney Spears’s body and nipple slips & other wardrobe malfunctions, respectively. Perhaps the Ford ad isn’t such a wretched anomaly after all, but just another expression of a capitalist-consumption-media complex that thrives off of the objectification of women, even when such objectification is being reported on by “liberal media.”

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