Who in US Congress support the arts?

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Barack Obama by Tyler Streeter

Barack Obama by Tyler Streeter

Other than the outrage caused by Mitt Romney’s promise to fire Big Bird, there’s been virtually no discussion on arts issues leading up to the November 6 elections in the United States.

Cultural topics have been nearly absent in an election campaign dominated by the economy — despite the fact roughly 5 million Americans work in the arts in some capacity. With so little to go on, how does one know whether their local representatives support the arts?

Fortunately, the Americans for the Arts Action Fund has just released their Congressional Report Card for 2012, which gives each representative a grade from A-F based on their track record on the arts.

As one might expect, there are plenty of Republicans with F’s, and many Democrats with A’s, but it is also clear from the report the support for the arts is often a local or personal issue, as congressional votes do always fall upon party lines.

You can read or download a PDF of the full report below, or visit Americans for the Arts’ website to find your own representatives through an interactive map.

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Painting of Barack Obama by Tyler Streeter.
(Click here to watch video of Tyler creating this work.)

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