Vancouver Fringe brims with political plays

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The Troubles (Resounding Scream Theatre)

The Troubles (Resounding Scream Theatre)

The Vancouver International Fringe Festival is underway in Canada’s westernmost metropolis, with 97 shows on offer during a program that lasts over two weeks. This year there are several plays that tackle political issues, touching on themes like human trafficking, homelessness, teen suicide, bilateral relations, war, resource exploitation and more.

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The Troubleswebsite
Based on personal accounts of the conflict in Northern Ireland, The Troubles is a thought-provoking show that draws upon the voices of five distinct characters to explore questions around community, morality, and loyalty. A boundary-pushing story of love and violence, The Troubles speaks that which has been forgotten.

She Has a Namereview | website
Haunted by anguished voices, a lawyer poses as a john to build a legal case against a brothel trafficking girls into Bangkok. Can Jason win the trust of a young prostitute known only as Number 18 and convince her to risk her life to testify for the sake of justice?

The Husband Hunting Monologues of Sylvestre Kolyaichic
Sylvestre K, aging mail-order bride, wants YOU “for immediate marry in garden day with childrens run round and birds pull ribbon, old peoples laugh from sing juice, eat 3 pancake, donkey wear jingle shoe, small bell sound then BLAST HORNS, and wish for good future til hold hands become wrinkle and fall down us do part. If not I become cab driver”.

Watch the painted figures come to life, see their small Spanish town destroyed by bombs, and witness the moment of inspiration for Picasso’s masterpiece, Guernica. As the famous artist once said, “every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” Directed by the creator of 2011’s hit play Big Shot.

Grace wants to sleep, Britney wants to work. Grace needs to pray, Brittney needs to sing. Whose space is it, anyway? Desperate women take desperate measures. After all, home is where the cart is.

The First Canadian President of the United States
Meet Kimberley White-White. She’s a very nice girl and she likes to run. Watch as she runs right across Canada and straight into Parliament. Then gasp as she and her bad Daddy, and her chutney-loving husband Todd, run from Sussex Drive right to the very top, higher than any Canadian has ever gone before. Fast-paced satire written by Jem Rolls.

Paradise appears in the backyard of a down-on-her-luck farmer, in the form of a strange new planet in friendly orbit nearby. Pristine and resource-rich, it makes her suddenly the wealthiest woman on Earth, courted by developers and politicians. But is the price too high? And is Utopia all it seems to be? A dark fairy tale for our fracked-up world.

Gadfly: Sam Steiner Dodges the Draftwebsite
Based on the compelling true story of Sam Steiner, an American draft dodger, Gadfly follows a rebel student as he flees to Canada during the Vietnam War. Sam runs from his conservative Mennonite upbringing amidst the political realities of the ‘60s.

First Day Backreview | website
It’s the first day back to school after 14-year-old Jeremy killed himself in his bedroom following months of bullying about his love of figure skating and singing and the fact that he’s gay. Today, Jeremy’s friends, family, teachers, and tormenters gather to figure out who’s responsible and how to keep this from happening again.

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