Punk rock video conveys the energy of Quebec’s Carré rouge

0 Posted by - September 3, 2012 - Blog, Screen, Sound

A Montreal punk rock band recently released Carré rouge, a fast-paced music video inspired by classic punk sounds, and carried by collective chants from the massive street demonstrations sparked by the historic Quebec student strike.

“Loi spéciale, refusé! À qui la rue? À nous la rue! Carré rouge! Carré rouge! Carré rouge!” is called out over driving guitars and lyrics that transport you to the front lines of the Quebec student uprising.

The punk anthem openly objects to the Parti libéral du Québec’s Loi spéciale, or Bill 78, which, despite a current election campaign, remains law in Quebec. Strongly criticized by Amnesty International, Bill 78 severely limits people’s ability to take to the streets and bans protests in and around college and university campuses.

Barfight, which includes members of the graphic arts collective École de la Montagne Rouge, put together the Carré rouge video with footage from recent student protests for accessible education and social justice in Montreal, employing creative remixing and punk esthetic also to video.

Although political winds are currently uncertain in Quebec, as many student associations have voted to return to classes, this video clearly conveys both the energy and creativity of an incredible grassroots movement in Quebec.

BARFIGHT! Carré rouge!

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