Art in the age of political absurdity

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“The strength of our American-ness lies in our ability to question, to look frankly at the nation’s past and present, and to ask if we are living up to our own best selves.” – Eleanor Heartney, Party Headquarters curator

The US Presidential election season is upon us, and with it, the proliferation of election centered political art. Caricatures of Obama and Romney are already abounding, and most who can take pen to paper are making their opinions known – whether it’s in articles or art.

Pratt Manhattan Gallery is taking the tradition one step further – accompanying their exhibition “Party Headquarters: Art in the Age of Political Absurdity”, curated by Eleanor Heartney and Larry Litt,  is a voter registration booth. That way, citizens can go out, let their opinions marinate in the company of a diversity of political artistism, and get a must-do chore out of the way.

During the exhibition, the fifth annual Pratt Falls Political Cabaret, produced by Larry Litt, will take place. Catch it on October 16, October 30, and November 6 at 7pm.

Party Headquarters artists will examine the political landscape by drawing on history and popular culture and subverting American symbols and mythologies. Artists Enrique Chagoya, Michael d’Antuono, Kara Maria, and Peter Saul look at our uncertain future through the lens of history. Donna Catanzaro, Federico Solmi, Jade Townsend, and Martin Wilner draw on the language of popular culture. Mark Wagner and Greta Pratt subvert familiar American symbols while Sally Edelstein and Jerry Kearns highlight the strange convergence of various American mythologies. Lastly, Ian Laughlin and Duke Riley present timely reminders that the vote is the essential emblem of democracy.

The exhibition runs September 28 to November 10, 2012 and is free and open to the public. Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 144 W 14th St, Second Floor.

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