Blu mural tackles Italy’s Chernobyl

0 Posted by - August 13, 2012 - Blog, Public art, Visual art

Blu mural in Italy

Italian street artist Blu has created a towering critique of the militarization of Sardinia. His latest mural depicts the devastating impact that industrialization and military bases have had on the Mediterranean island.

In the south-east near Salto di Quirra, a rocket launching site run by the Italian Air Force, electromagnetic pollution, hazardous waste and depleted uranium are blamed for disturbing health conditions.

Lambs are being born with two heads or six limbs, and local residents are suffering from an astonishingly high cancer rate — 65% of those living in the area are reportedly suffering from lukemimia, a phenomenon known in Sardinia as “Quirra Syndrome.”

Photos via Blu.

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