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Twenty-four artists, 37 spots, 5 cities, 8 months. While millions of eyes look to London this week, these small numbers come together for a big purpose. Brandalism, a ‘crew’ and project that takes inspiration from Sean Tejaratchi and Bansky, has been re-appropriating ad space (billboards in particular) to creatively interpret big brands.

“There are over 100,000 large scale billboards within the UK,” say Brandalism on their site. “These are the focus and canvases of the Brandalism project and approximately 50 billboards will be reclaimed for the communication of art works, ideas and messages that subvert these spaces and the expectations of the viewer.”

From billboard illustrations with the phrase “Just loot it” to a coffin edged with a bar scan, the works double as public art and public statement. The artists – who come from backgrounds as diverse as graffiti, illustration, political art, photo montage, and culture jamming – use the work to debate advertising, spectacle, debt, cultural values, consumerism and its affect on the natural environment, physical environment, and personal well-being.

“The Brandalism project will be pushing the boundaries of appropriate acts of citizenship at a time of political, environmental and economic crises. Love to disobey and disobey to love.” – Brandalism


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