The Hole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

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The Hole Truth comes in two parts: altered US flags and drawings on vintage police shooting targets.

In order to create his first show at envoy enterprises, German-born, New-York based artist Brian Kenny created a series with the Hole Truth that reconstructs iconic objects in his effort to reflect on what it means to be a “disaffected gay American in the age of Occupy.”

One flag see its starts fallen in a pile beneath the blue square, begging the question how united are the states? Or really, does stateliness even matter in an age where cultural lines are drawn not by borders but by values? Another flag has seen each of its symbols emptied – empty stripes and empty stars, hanging lifeless in their remaining frames. The flag simultaneously exposes what’s behind it, while making the viewer ask where the substance of it is. What is its function in this hollowed state?

Drawing on his history of free-associative drawing, Kenny elaborates vintage police shooting targets with the same symbols we expect to see in the flags, adding sometimes harsh, uncensored statements on sexuality, religion and guilt. They say, yes, these are the things that are being targeted – that which makes you uncomfortable, like genders, religions, and basic freedoms that might push the power structure.

Kenny’s work is on display at Envoy Enterprise in New York City from this Wednesday, June 20 to July 22, 2012.

Images courtesy of the artist and envoy enterprises, New York.

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