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The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics Graduate Student Initiative is inviting graduate students from the humanities, arts, and social sciences to come together to discuss contemporary notions of emancipation, liberation, revolution, occupation, geopolitics, “artivism,” and militant research, and to consider the lived tensions of these concepts in bodies, knowledge, and locations.

Convergence 2012 will bring together 100 participants to explore connections between scholarship, artistic expression, politics and performance in pursuit of  new political potentials for emancipation, liberation, and revolution.    The Convergence will happen Nov 9-11, 2012 at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.  Work groups include:

Protesting Politics: New Modes of Culture and Activism during the Collapse of Capitalism
Emancipation, Liberation, Dewesternization and Decolonialiality
Urban Geopolitics: Reconfigurations from Art, Activism and Research

“The year 2011 marked an explosion of radical mobilization, from student protests and occupations to uprisings and insurrections. These events were characterized by the embodied reclaiming of public space, demands for economic, social, and political change, and instrumentalization of technology to communicate, organize, and revolt. As these political struggles spread globally, artists, activists, and scholars have engaged and responded to these actions by generating militant research practices, radical art gestures, and networked communities.”

Invited speakers to the Convergence include: Andy Bichlbaum (The Yes Men), Colectivo Situaciones (Argentina), Counter-Cartographies Collective (Durham NC), Ricardo Dominguez (UCSD), Esther Gabara (Duke University), Macarena Gómez-Barris (USC), Jack Halberstam (USC), Michael Hardt (Duke University), Brian Holmes (activist), Josh Kun (USC), Pedro Lasch (Duke University), Diane Nelson (Duke University), Walter Mignolo (Duke University), Spirithouse (Durham NC), Diana Taylor (NYU), and Wu Tsang (performer/filmmaker)

Deadline is July 1.

For more information and to apply, go to the Hemisphereic Institute website.

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