99 musicians for the 99 percent

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Occupy This Album

If you support the Occupy movement, relish discovering new music, and are gainfully employed, then you seriously need to plunk down ten bucks and purchase Occupy This Album.

An autonomous project designed to support Occupy, Music For Occupy has produced this epic compilation album to raise both funds and awareness for the global social movement tackling social and economic inequality. The compilation features 99 tracks by 99 artists, including heavy hitters such as Tom Morello, Yo La Tengo, Joan Baez, Ani DiFranco, Yoko Ono, Thievery Corporation, Willie Nelson, Girls Against Boys, and Debbie Harry. Michael Moore even makes an appearance, with a … how shall I say it .. unique take on a Bob Dylan anthem.

You can purchase the digital download through Amazon (US only), iTunes, or order a 4-disc CD version, or listen to a sampler below.

From the project organizers:

Our Mission is to inspire and celebrate through music the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 99% who’ve been adversely affected by the economic corruption that has permeated our Democracy, created a near insurmountable disparity in wealth, and hindered life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of an honest living for all. Music For Occupy is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, and all proceeds above board attained through the production and distribution of Occupy This Album … will go directly towards the needs of sustaining this growing movement.

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