Killed by Canada’s Oil & Gas companies?

0 Posted by - April 10, 2012 - Blog, Screen

Wiebo Ludwig, Canada’s controversial anti-oil patch activist died of esophageal cancer yesterday, leaving behind a legacy of resistance against this country’s dirtiest industry and greediest corporations. The Albertan had his share of scuffles with the law (and a shamefully demonizing mainstream media), and was accused (and charged once) of eco-terrosim in several pipeline and oil/gas site bombings. At stake for Ludwig and his prodigious Christian clan was, and still is, their way of life, their community, their health and the surrounding environment around their now toxic land.

The incredibly sensitive and thoughtful documentary, Wiebo’s War, about him and his family’s struggle can be downloaded here.Ludwig’s last interview can be found here at Canada’s grassroots newspaper, the Dominion. Read an Art Threat article about the film here.

Canada has lost a tenacious crusader against the seemingly unstoppable polluting and profiting forces of Big Oil and Gas, but many continue to fight. RIP Weibo Ludwig, December 19, 1941 – April 9, 2012.

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