Happy birthday, Samuel Beckett!

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Samuel Beckett, line drawing by Guillermo Contreras

The brilliant Irish playwright, novelist and poet would have been 106, today. Known widely for his absurdist plays and novels, Beckett received the Nobel prize for literature in 1969. Later in life, he wrote for radio and television. He is remembered today for his sustained attack on realist drama and literature, a rejection of plot conventions and unities of time and place in favour of self-consciously bizarre meditations of the difficulties of the human condition.

He died in 1989.


Dream of Fair to Middling Women (1932)
Murphy (1938)
Written in English and later translated by Beckett into French.
Mercier and Camier (1946)
Watt (1953)
Written circa 1943, published 1953, and translated into French in 1968.
Molloy (1951)
Malone Meurt (1951: translated as Malone Dies, 1956)
L’Innomable (The Unnameable, 1953)
Comment C’est (1961: translated as How It Is, 19–)
Company (1980)
Ill Seen Ill Said (1982)
Worstward Ho (1983)

Short Stories & Short Prose
Assumption (1929)
Sedendo et Quiescendo (1932)
Text (1932)
A Case in a Thousand (1934)
More Pricks Than Kicks (1934)
Includes the stories: Dante and the Lobster, Fingal, Ding-Dong, A Wet Night, Love and Lethe, Walking Out, What a Misfortune, The Smeraldina’s Billet Doux, Yellow & Draff.
Nouvelles et Textes pour rien (1945-50: translated as Stories and Texts for Nothing)
Includes the stories: L’Expulsé (The Expelled), Le Calamant (The Calmative), Le Fin (the End), and Textes pour rien I-XIII (Texts for Nothing I-XIII).
Premier Amour (1945: translated as First Love, 1973)
From an Abandoned Work (1954-55)
L’Image (1958: translated as The Image)
All Strange Away (1963-64)
Imagination Morte Imaginez (1965: translated as Imagination Dead Imagine, 1966)
Assez (1966: translated as Enough, 1974)
Bing (1966: translated as Ping, 1974)
Sans (1969: translated as Lessness, 1969)
Le dépeupleue (1966: translated as The Lost Ones, 1970)
Fizzles (1973-75)
Heard in the Dark 1
Heard in the Dark 2
One Evening
As the story was told (1973)
La falaise (1975; translated as The Cliff)
Stirrings Still (1988)

Plays for the Stage
En attendant Godot (1952: translated as Waiting for Godot, 1953)
Fin de partie (1957: translated as Endgame, 1958)
Acte sans Paroles (Act Without Words I, 1957)
Acte sans Paroles II (Act Without Words II, 1957)
Krapp’s Last Tape (1958)
Happy Days (1961: translated as Oh les beaux jours)
Play (1963)
Play has one of the most confusing linguistic histories of any of Beckett’s works. Although it was first written in English in late1962 and early 1963, Play was first published in German as Spiel in the journal Theater Heute in July 1963, and even its first performance was German, in 1963, at the Ulmer Theater, Ulm-Donau. Faber and Faber published Play in English for the first time in 1964.
Come and Go (1966)
Breath (1968)
Not I (1973)
Written in English in 1972.
Footfalls (1976)
That Time (1976)
Written in English in 1974-75.
Rough for Theatre I (1976)
Rough for Theatre II (1976)
Ohio Impromptu (1981)
Rockaby (1981)
Written in English in 1980, commissioned by the State University of New York at Buffalo.
What Where (1984)
Catastrophe (1984)
Dedicated to Vaclav Havel.

Plays for Radio
All That Fall (1957)
Embers (1959)
Rough for Radio I (1961: published in English as Sketch for Radio Play, 1976)
Rough for Radio II (1961: published in English as Rough for Radio in 1976)
Words and Music (1961)
Cascando (1963)
The Old Tune (1963)

Plays for Film and Television
Film (1967)
Written in 1963 and filmed in the summer of 1964 in New York.
Eh Joe (1967)
Ghost Trio (1976)
Written in English in 1975.
…but the clouds… (1977)
Written in English in 1976.
Nacht und Träume (1982)
Quad (1984)

Collected Poems 1930-1978 (1999)

Critical Writings
Proust (1931)
Disjecta: Miscellaneous Writings and a Dramatic Fragment (1983)

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