WWOZ community radio in New Orleans

0 Posted by - March 14, 2012 - Blog, Performance, Policy, Public art, Sound

Tune in, turn on and give a few bucks to one the most fabulous radio stations anywhere. WWOZ New Orleans community radio is having their annual membership fundraising drive, and now is the time to support this treasure in the midst of New Orlean’s cultural renaissance.

WWOZ is home to the New Orleans sound, old and new, including New Orleans jazz, Second Lines, Mardis Gras Indians, Pleasure Clubs, brass bands, gospel, dixieland, blues, calliope and more more more. All from the humble efforts of community volunteers, local musicians and donations from listeners.

WWOZ is a bright light in this beleaguered city, and the sounds they share warm hearts and souls all over the world.

Check it out (you can stream live here), and if you like what you hear, support local independent radio.

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