Rush (band) pulls music from Rush (bigot)

0 Posted by - March 7, 2012 - Blog, Sound

North America has always been home to one good Rush and one evil Rush, but never have they engaged in battle … until now.

Canadian prog rock legends Rush have demanded that the Rush Limbaugh Show stops using their music. The band’s music was regularly played leading in and out of commercial breaks during Limbaugh’s heavily syndicated program. But acting in the wake of Limbaugh’s extraordinarily sexist (even for him) comments about law student Sandra Flute, Rush’s music publisher sent him a cease and desist letter invoking copyright and civil rights law.

Good Rush isn’t alone in the fight. Peter Gabriel has also asked that his music be withdrawn from Limbaugh’s program, as explained in a post on the musician’s Facebook page.

Dozens of companies have also pulled their ads from the Rush Limbaugh Show, a development which Limbaugh has dismissed, stating that “everything is cool” and, typically, blaming “the left” for the exodus.

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