Studios are killing indy film – not downloads

0 Posted by - March 13, 2012 - Blog, Policy, Sound

Yesterday’s Q show on CBC Radio One had a great interview with the director of REPO MAN and SID AND NANCY, Alex Cox. An outspoken critic of the studio system and of government and corporate efforts to crackdown on “illegal” downloading, Cox argues that the corporate studio system continues to make billions while artists get ripped off, so when someone downloads SID AND NANCY—a film he has not seen a residual dime from—the copyright holder “loses,” not the creator, who is already losing out to the copyright holder.

Cox doesn’t pull any punches, and is a refreshing voice in the debate, adding a dose of good Brit humour with a dose of sharp criticism against a rapacious system that doesn’t care about independent artists, only increasing profits. Hit play on the audio file below (after the jump), and after the intro from guest host Brent Brambury (who has his own interesting take on the Doonsbury comic controversy and Limbaugh the goon), Cox is first up.

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