Occupy Museums challenges Armory Show

0 Posted by - March 5, 2012 - Blog, Performance, Policy, Public art

New York’s prestigious Armory Show opens on March 8th at Piers 92 & 94. The Armory Show started in 1913, amid the challenges and excitement of early 20th century avant-garde art and artists intent on denouncing the status quo. Today, the Armory Show is the status quo — art for the 1%, according to Occupy Museums who are organizing an art exchange for the 99% at the same place at the same time.

On March 10th and 11th, Occupy Museums is inviting all artists in New York to join their free art exchange in front of the Armory. Booths for artists will be free of charge. From the website:

We offer an experiment in systems of art-exchange that do not emphasize financial capital, but rather celebrate abundance and connection. We believe that art is not a commodity for speculation but rather a fundamental part of the commons, inherited and shared by all. We invite all the 100,000+ artists in New York City to join us outside of Piers 92 and 94 to engage in a new kind of art market.

Occupy Museums is a direct action group created to challenge the corruption of art and cultural institutions they accuse of being run by and for the 1%. “At Occupy Wall Street,” they write, “we are taking the steps toward a future where our cultural commons are truly shared not hoarded by the few.”

The Free Art Exchange is the latest action by Occupy Museums. In January, the group hung a banner in the second-floor atrium of the MoMA to show solidarity with Teamsters Local 814 Art Handler’s Union who have been locked out by Sotheby’s auction-house since July 2011. The banner called for the end of the lock out.

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