Advocating for a diversity of tactics

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This chart shows how the editors 'understand how each writer's article functionalizes distrust/trust of institutionality in relationship to how much mediation they understand is useful in reflecting on the complexity of culture.'

JOAAP #8The eighth issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest has just been released in print. While the contents have been available online for a while, it’s definitely worth your while to drop a few bucks on the paper portrayal of this political periodical.

As Occupy Wall Street enters a new phase, this issue of JOAAP reflects the utility of a multiplicity of approaches to political issues. From their opening editorial:

A multiplicity of tactics is sometimes used to pragmatically cover for unsolvable differences in what is to be considered as appropriate action within a single protest. We do not use it as a cover though, instead we suggest (as many others have) that it is rich layers of often antagonistic relationships within generally broad trends that make a movement more successful, not less.

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