Occupy Montreal wants your art!

0 Posted by - February 6, 2012 - Blog

Occupy Montreal has announced the formation of a city-wide art committee, and they are calling for artists to get involved. A first meeting has been scheduled for Friday, Feb 17, 5pm-7pm @ 4521 St Jacques, just west of Metro St-Henri.

From the announcement:

We are organizing a new, city-wide Arts & Culture Committee to support and participate in Occupy Montreal, and invite other artists from all disciplines (music, poetry, theatre, film, dance, graphic design, literature, web art, etc.) to come to a first meeting to brainstorm.

Since last Fall, Occupy Montreal continues its activities in different neighbourhoods. If you want to contribute to this movement as an artist, we look forward to meeting you. Everyone welcome. Please let us know in advance if you plan to attend so we can better organize the space to accommodate everyone.

For examples of what artists are doing elsewhere in the Occupy movement check out the NYC General Assembly Arts & Culture Committee, and Occupy With Art.

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