A remarkable tale about iEmpire

0 Posted by - January 9, 2012 - Advertising, Blog, Reviews, Sound

What do you get when you combine a master storyteller and investigative journalist?  Mike Daisey is one answer, a storyteller and performer whose story about what happens inside an Apple factory is touching hearts and minds.

After his visit to China, tours of factories, and meetings with union organizers and members of secret unions (which are illegal in China), Daisey created the remarkable performance “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory“.

Daisey usually performs for live audiences, but This American Life recorded a shortened version and interviewed Daisey (as part of their show) and did their own fact checking of Daisey’s account.

The upshot is that — for those who were still in doubt — Apple products, like so much of what we buy, come to us at great human cost.

But to hear Mike Daisey tell the story — of becoming interested, of traveling to China, of seeing the factories first hand, of meeting people whose physical well-being was destroyed by working in toxic environments, of meeting illegal union organizers — is to encounter a welcome innovation in journalism.

The show is available at This American Life’s website — or can be streamed below — but it is only available for free this week.  So check it out quick.


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