Christmas Time This Year

0 Posted by - December 25, 2011 - Blog, Sound

On this Christmas Day, we’d like to wish you and those you love a most wonderful holiday season.

And for those with gifts left to give (be you Orthodox Christian, Jewish, or just running behind schedule), I can recommend Ry Cooder’s latest album, Pull Up Some Dirt and Sit Down. Besides the seasonally appropriate track posted above, Cooder’s latest Grammy-nominated disc is full of politically charged tracks such as No Banker Left Behind and John Lee Hooker for President.

Uncut magazine calls the release “one of his best albums ever … an impassioned portrait of 21st century America and its injustices” in which Cooder is “remade as a modern-day Woody Guthrie, fearless and funny, for like Guthrie he nails his targets with droll humour while empathising with society’s underdogs.”

So pop some progressive Americana into your stereo, relax, and enjoy the holidays.

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