Avengers comics spoof sexualizes the guys

0 Posted by - December 1, 2011 - Blog, Visual art

Avengers remix by Kevin Bolk

Women in today’s comics are sexualized to absurd proportions. As a fantastic post on Autostraddle pointed out, the T&A shot favoured by comic book artists is anatomically near-impossible, yet it remains pervasive throughout the industry.

Illustrator Kevin Bolk took a promo image for The Avengers featuring a sexually contortioned female superhero and decided to flip the situation around, redrawing the scene to place all the male characters in butt-emphasizing poses. The resulting image, in which the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and the rest of their testosterone posse jam their derrieres in the air, looks absolutely ridiculous, yet it reminds us that real life double standards can be further exaggerated in the comics realm.

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