Howl! live recording 2

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New Howl! recording by Nick Kuepfer

Art Threat presents two live recordings featuring musician Nick Kuepfer performing at Howl! in March 2011. For this performance at La Sala Rossa Kuepfer was joined on stage by innovative percussionist Eric Craven via the celebrated duo Hangedup and beautiful cello sounds via Kristina Koropecki. These recordings are offered for free download via the audio links below.

Nick Kuepfer is a guitar player weaving nylon string and electric guitar pieces together with live sampled tape loops and drones from various audio sources, ranging from static repetition and subtle sounds, to frantic and abrasive with a tendency for experimentation. Kuepfer has lived in Montreal since 2003 and has performed solo only a for short time, occasionally with invited guests, including Eric Craven (Hangedup), Kristina Koropecki (Mark Berube), John Corban, and Nick Scribner (Clues) pre-ceded by playing in full bands, including Lungbutter, Aidswolf, L’embuscade and presently plays with Hrsta and No Nature.

In November of 2010 Kuepfer released a full-length solo record in the first edition of Montreal record label Constellation records Musique Fragile series along side Toronto’s Khora and Montreal’s Les Momies de Palerme. Presently Kuepfer is writing and recording a second full-length solo record.

Howl! concert series occurs in collaboration with Suoni per il Popolo and aims to highlight cultural workers rooted in Montreal’s fiercely creative independent arts community. As a performance series, Howl! aims to highlight community-driven culture while challenging corporate-directed musical modes by celebrating grassroots artists in concert, while actively building bridges between the arts and social activism.

Special thanks to Nick Schofield via CKUT radio for recording Howl! II at La Sala Rossa. This Mp3 is being released for free in a special collaboration between the Howl! arts collective and Art Threat.

Photos accompanying this Mp3 release are “Is anybody out there?” by Maryam Siddiqi. The Howl! arts collective can now be found on Twitter as @howlarts.

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