The art of ‘pakour’ in Gaza

0 Posted by - July 14, 2011 - Blog, Performance, Public art, Screen

‘Pakour’, or FreeRunning, is the acrobatic art of running through cities and overcoming obstacles on the fly — or like a fly, because sometimes it seems like traceurs (slang for those who practice pakour) can defy gravity. It is thrilling to watch, and no doubt even more thrilling to do.

I just discovered this great short doc (Free Running Gaza) by the folks who make the Artscape program at Al Jazeera about two young men in Gaza who have been practicing pakour since 2009 and posting videos of their acrobatic feats on Youtube.

It is, of course, about the art of pakour for these occupants of Kan Younis refugee camp, and about survival and inspiration. Check it out.

Free Running Gaza

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