On the cusp of a visual revolution

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RSA is inviting artists to transform remarkable ideas into visual media — and offering over $6,000 CDN in prizes. Here’s the challenge: to create visual films for three fascinating and inspiring short lectures. The visual style is entirely up to the artist — animation, photography, dramatic acting, stop motion, sock puppets, special effects, marionettes — anything and everything is welcome.

The lectures are by Rachel Botsman, on the transformation of society through new media cultural sharing and collaboration; by David Brooks, on the cultural and psychological blindness of American policymakers; and by Michael Pollan, on the industrial food system, human health and local food economies.

RSA is the perfect host for this contest. For those not familiar with their work, RSA has found a way to transform heady lectures on great topics by leading thinkers into fascinating and even fun visual experiences with their RSAnimate project. It is a style of popularizing without “dumbing down”. And it works. Some of their most popular lectures include Ken Robinson on changing education paradigms; by David Harvey, on the crisis in capitalism; by Slavoj Zizek, on the troubling ethics of charitable giving; and many others.

Deadline September 1, 2011.  Check out the website for more details.

And if you need some inspiration, check out RSAnimate’s latest animated lecture by Professor Renata Salecl about the social reality of individual decision-making and why it is rarely if ever based on a simple rational choice (below).

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