Jesus freaks, jew-haters & Guinea pig savers

0 Posted by - July 15, 2011 - Blog, Friday Film Pick, Screen

While this 17-minute compilation of selections from three of filmmaker David Modell’s works is a little clunky and awkward—it feels more like promotion than any thoughtful rendering of his work—it is nonetheless a good introduction to his documentary efforts. (To be fair it was produced for a 2009 conference: “Reflections on Man [sic] after the End of History. Faith, Death and Freedom.”) Put together by the Nexus Institut, this teaser shows Modell’s predeliction toward the thematic of faith, death and freedom by assembling scenes from three of his documentaries that follow fundamentalists of varying stripes in the UK.

So while this week’s FFP isn’t a film per se, it’s a sampling of the following three Channel 4 docs: In God’s Name, about Christian fundamentalists, Mad about Animals, about animal-rights activists, and Young, Nazi and Proud (link goes to google video stream), about you guessed it, Euro neo-nazis.

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