CTV’s Quebec City bureau chief Kai Nagata tells why he quit his job

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Kai Nagata was CTV’s bureau chief in Quebec City at 24 years of age. That was until he left the world of centrist journalism earlier this week and revealed his reasons and his criticisms of the state of mainstream news in Canada on his blog Freedom 24 . His bold truth-telling hits to the core of how Canadian media outlets, including but not limited to CTV, shy away from dialogue.

Nagata’s frustration grew as CTV continuously sifted opinion from the news. A young, driven journalist in a staid and corporate-run media outlet seems to have run. Nagata’s blog offers a thorough and open critique on the sexualization of TV news, as well as the dog and pony show of the celebrity news showcased front and centre on the airwaves.

As Canadians of all creeds settle into the waste bin that is our current Conservative majority government, Nagata felt choked as a reporter wanting to get to the heart of what is happening in society. He writes,

“… I don’t see any true debate within the media world itself, in the sense of a national, public clash of ideas. The Canadian right wing, if you want to call it that, has had five years to get the gloves off. With a majority Conservative government in power, they’re putting on brass knuckles. Meanwhile the left is grasping about in a pair of potholders. The only explanation I can think of is they’re too polite, or too scared. If it’s the latter, I think it’s clear enough why.”

Nagata ends his this essay-length blog post stating that he needs to re-evaluate what his place in the world will be, and that he needs some well deserved rest. This young man has proven that he has the talent to rise to the top of his field quickly, and the balls to leave a corporate news outlet like the Bell Media-owned CTV that does not represent his values or even attempt to address politics and social issues in a meaningful way.

Good luck Kai, and I’m glad to hear your voice loud and clear.

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