Montreal group takes over ad space

0 Posted by - June 3, 2011 - Advertising, Blog, Policy, Public art

An audaciously proactive guerrilla group has, just recently, conducted an early morning raid on ubiquitous advertising encasements at bus stops, metro stations and other locations throughout Montreal – replacing corporate adverts with art and political posters. They have put together a site complete with an interactive map where the locations of each intervention are highlighted with text and photos. The action is nothing short of heroic, brilliant and inspirational. Below is their blurb, from their website. Kudos to Artung!

Ceci n’est pas une pub is a collective platform that identifies artistic interventions in our public space. By sharing these imaginative creations through this interactive map, we hope to encourage our streets to become as participatory, stimulating and human as our communities are.

With the help of some eye-catching place markers, our community-based map shows a wide variety of artistic inventions: Stencils, posters, flashmobs, graffiti, ad-jams etc… Anyone surfing this site will be delightfully pleased with the amount of creative and in-your-face art right in their backyards.

Saw a great ad jam? Want to share a picture of your lovely mural? You can also make your own mark!! Select the type of intervention you’ve created or noticed in the street and fill in the respective info. You can also input past works, for the sake of their eternal glory!

Along with our elaborate identification system, Ceci n’est pas une pub also digs a little deeper. It brings to light the current battle that’s being fought between private and public interests, not only within our streets but within our communities and minds. By opening spaces for collective discussion, we hope to deconstruct profit-based power structures and work towards issues directly affecting our communities like: The deportation of our friends and families, family and sexual violence, criminalization of poverty, privatization of the public services, the environment, police brutality…

Born out of a collaboration between individuals of various backgrounds, politics and artistic abilities, Ceci n’est pas une pub is dedicated to strengthening, enlivening and challenging the design of our public space.

Our streets should be a canvass for our communities, not for corporations!

For more information visit the Artung site.

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