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While at Hot Docs this month we met a small dedicated, talented and bright crew of filmmakers who were challenging traditional documentary-making practices. They are the energetic team behind the in-progress documentary The Secret Trial 5, a film about human rights, security certificates and the “War on Terror” inside Canada. We usually select finished films for our Friday Film Pick but this project is so impressively conceived and promising in its spirit and process, well, we just couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Also – you can get involved with the project before its even finished. From the film’s site:

The Secret Trial 5 is a new crowdfunded documentary that examines the human impact of Canada’s “war on terror”; specifically the use of security certificates, a tool that allows for indefinite detention, with no charges, and secret evidence. Over the last decade, 5 men have been held under security certificates in Canada. They spent between 2 and 7 years in prison each. None of them was ever charged with a crime.

…Like any documentary, ours is a story that will grow and evolve through time. The truth is, we’re not sure what our final narrative will be, no documentarian ever is. But we can say this: this is a film about the human impact of these unconstitutional legal measures.

The reality is, Canadians know far less about this issue than they should. They know too little about their government’s stance on this matter, and even less about the human cost of these tactics. We intend to change that by providing a comprehensive yet personal portrait of the lives affected by security certificates.

Here we have an incredibly important issue for ALL Canadians, being tackled by a very clever and industrious cadre of filmmakers who are not only seeking out audience support for funding, but who are seeking out YOU to also have input. For every donation above a certain amount the filmmakers will not only give you producer’s credit but will seek out your input and direction on everything from rough cut edits to additional footage to the name of the final product.

It’s a great project, and judging from the short animation above – one that will surely impress, entertain, inform and inspire. If you like what you see (and read) consider making a donation to this awesome endeavour.

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