Dialogue in bite sized pieces

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This is you receiving an invitation. An invitation to participate in a project just recently born in Vancouver called Speak in Images / Parler en Images. An invitation to speak up in a tiny but effective way about what issues matter to you in the Canadian federal election in a time when we are being bombarded with promises and propaganda about our finances, our families, and our future.

Speak in Images / Parler en Images is a participatory project meant to incite dialogue, which its creators hope will inspire action on the issues which touch our personal lives and our communities. The first of what will eventually become a series centres around the current Canadian federal election. The website hosts a stream of photos of people holding white boards, chalk boards, or pieces of paper with (usually) a single issue that is of concern to them. Presented in this format, it has a particular way of getting the viewer to reflect on what their personal concerns are, and to think about which party (if any) is actually addressing them.

In the first series they ask you to choose from five categories: what about…, what is democracy, get real, vote for the internet, and elections blah blah blah.

I think if I were to send one in on behalf of Art Threat i’d toss it in the “get real” category and it might say something like….

What will yours say?

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