Screen free week

0 Posted by - April 6, 2011 - Blog, Policy, Screen

Next week (April 18-24) is Screen-Free Week in countries where screen time has surpassed almost all other forms of social time-spending. We know that most of you are familiar with the criticisms against things like “Buy Nothing Day” (notably that the majority of participants are likely those who do the least consuming) but Screen Free Week reaches across the political spectrum and is meant to raise awareness about how much media we consume in our daily lives. From the Media Education Foundation:

The Media Education Foundation is proud to endorse Screen-Free Week, sponsored by our friends at the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. The intention of this week is to raise awareness about the amount of media that we use — and its impact on our lives — by “turning off screens and turning on life” for seven days. Learn more about how you can participate in Screen-Free Week.

So turn off the commercials but check in with Art Threat every day, every minute for updates. Just kidding…

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