Evolutionary spraypaint reclaims space

0 Posted by - April 8, 2011 - Blog, Friday Film Pick, Visual art

If you haven’t come across this gem in the nine months since it was first put on line, now’s your chance to behold its beauty. Painstakingly created with stop animation using spray paint and moving objects, this short film (10 minutes) tackles nature preservation, pollution, evolution, industry and war. The filmmakers have given it the tag line “A Short Unscientific Story about Evolution and His Consequences” but it is also about the reclamation of “ugly” urban and social spaces. Creator Blu and producers/distributors artsh.it have given us a fantastical vision of another world underneath our noses. Spray painting the narrative over old defunct industrial pipes and machinery as well as the many edifices and surfaces of city spaces Big Bang Big Boom is an invigorating testimony to the transformative power of art. The animated sequences even allow human-made city spaces to co-mingle with natural spaces as creatures venture from steel and concrete to the sand and water of the nearby beach. Truly inspired, unique and wonderful to experience.

You can buy the complete works of Blu on DVD here.

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