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Orgasm Inc – The Strange Science of Female Pleasure is a funny insider’s look at Big Pharma’s push to “discover” and market Viagra for women. The documentary uncovers a story that has yet to be told in mainstream media and does so with a friendly and fast-paced flare. The film has been doing a short run at select theatres in North America and Liz Canner, the director, is now looking for support through Netflix and DVD sales. Here is her short call-out:

Dear Friends,

Please help Orgasm Inc. reach an audience by adding the movie to your Netflix queue. How will this help? Right now, Netflix is determining whether or not to purchase DVDs of Orgasm Inc. They base their decision almost entirely on queue demand. All you need to do to add the the movie to your queue is – login to Netflix and search for Orgasm Inc, and click the green “save” button, or go to here.

Thank you for any help you can give with this.

XO, Liz Canner – Director, Orgasm Inc

For those in the unfortunate position of being stuck with the ridiculously awful, you can try them, but, well they suck.

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