Wafaa Bilal: an Artist as Cyborg

0 Posted by - February 23, 2011 - Blog, Conversations, Public art

Wafaa Bilal — photo by Brad Farwell

If you’ve been wondering how Wafaa Bilal — the artist whom we told you back in December had a camera installed in the back of his head — has been doing, the Globe and Mail recently posted a fantastic article about the artist as Cyborg in which his brave artistic experiment is featured.

The Globe reports that Bilal is currently wearing the camera around his neck because he has developed an infection at the site of one of the three steel posts that hold the device. Bilal’s project continues despite the recent difficulty, continuing to explore the loss of privacy in a high-tech age and also the idea of freedom through transparency.

“I am a Middle Eastern man in the United States. I am possibly being watched. Having the camera is a freeing act. If my life is broadcast minute by minute, and my life is known, what is there to be afraid of?” he asks in the article.

The piece also explores the concept of cyborgism via Australian performance artist, Stelarc, who famously created a third ear for himself and surgically attached it to his forearm and Steve Mann, the so-called godfather of cyborg art.

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