Changes to Vancouver bylaws pave way for atypical venues

0 Posted by - February 12, 2011 - Blog, Policy

Earlier this month the City of Vancouver announced that the Vancouver City Council has agreed to pursue bylaw changes to reduce red tape for temporary indoor events, increase flexibility for venues offering events with liquor service and reduce onerous and costly upgrades for temporary indoor event spaces.

For those lamenting living in the “No Fun City” (a nick name I don’t personally prescribe to. If you’re bored here, you’re probably boring) council is looking into these changes as means to pave ways for more non-traditional event spaces like warehouses and art galleries to be used on a temporary basis for theatre, music, dance, festivals and other cultural performances.

The City is also looking to improve liquor policies that affect live performance venues. All in all, we can thank the Olympics for paving the way for this non-traditional venue overhaul, and we’ll hopefully all be getting pleasantly buzzed in some unusual locations while taking in some culture sooner rather than later.

As a final piece to the overhaul, the City is setting up an interim program for cultural organizations and venue owners to work with the City in order to address regulatory concerns without a threat of enforcement (so long as life safety requirements are met).

More information about these bylaw changes can be found on the City of Vancouver’s Cultural Facility site.

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