A snapshot of Egypt’s popular civilian rise

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To celebrate today’s incredible news that people power has ousted Egyptian dictator billionaire and darling of the West Hosni Mubarek, this week’s Friday Film Pick is the documentary Egypt We are Watching You. The film, which can be viewed in separate parts on Youtube (Part 1 is above), follows individuals in 2005 as they fight for basic rights after Mubarak’s announcements of “reforms” in the country.

From the Why Democracy film page:

In 2005, Mubarak announced that Egypt would hold multi-party presidential elections in Egypt. The elections were given strong support by the U.S. government. The vote was marked by violence and fraud; it was boycotted by large parts of the opposition because they believed it was run unfairly. The voter turnout was remarkably low – according to the Carnegie Endowment it was a mere 23 percent. Regardless, the U.S. Government described it as a “victory”. Mubarak won a fifth term in office and very little was done to address the unfair aspects of the elections. In response to indifference about government and democracy three Egyptian women formed Shayfeen to educate the people about democracy.

Egypt We are Watching You provides one snapshot of the history that has led up to today’s tumultuous event – the resignation of Mubarek. Viva Egypt!!Egypt flag

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