IRIS Distribution targets file sharing

0 Posted by - January 18, 2011 - Blog, Editorial, Policy, Sound

An odd campaign by IRIS Distribution, a record label representative, is targetting children with the slogan “I share everything but my music.” The image of adorable woodland creatures depicting an “i’m totally ignoring you” rabbit wearing headphones and a confused looking raccoon attempting to share a ball with his rude buddy attempts to get at the problem of digital file sharing.

IRIS, who’s clients have included Chemikal Underground, EMI, Mint Records and Ninja Tune, is putting the illustration on t-shirts for children (teach them early?) and bundling it with a kids album by Kimya Dawson (who, ironically, shares several MP3s for free download on her site) on K Records.

I have my own opinions about how silly this is, and Carl Wilson over at Zoilus thinks it’s so ill conceived it “practicaly serves as an advertisement for the opposite attitude,” but I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.

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