LA museum whitewashes anti-war mural

0 Posted by - December 11, 2010 - Blog, Public art, Visual art

Blu-Gets-Buffed-MOCA-Los-AngelesThis past week, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles commissioned Blu, an international street art rock star, to paint a mural on a nearby wall in conjunction with their upcoming Art in the Street exhibition.

Less than 24 hours later, the same museum ordered the work destroyed.

For an uncomfortably long time, MOCA remained mum as to why they rushed to cover up the work, which featured rows of coffins draped in dollar bills. Then, they finally issued a response, stating that the work was “inappropriate” given that their neighbourhood included a war monument and a veterans’ hospital.

Whether MOCA believes the needless deaths of young soldiers and civilians is inappropriate in unclear.

(Via Hyperallergic. Image by Casey Caplowe of GOOD Magazine.)

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