Vote or RepubliCorp will take over

0 Posted by - November 2, 2010 - Blog, Editorial

Trust me on this, take the time to follow this link, then “No I’m not on Facebook” then “No Thanks, Just show me the video.”

If you’re American, today is a voting day. You may be experiencing some kind of anxiety over who to vote for. This could be because everyone in your area is a nitwit, or perhaps it’s because all those TV ads for who NOT to vote for have left you wondering if any of the candidates actually have opinions on issues other than their opponent’s history.

Because of this, you may consider staying in instead.

Enter here, a highly produced video created by that encourages you to vote by pleading with the same emotional centre that books like 1984 do. A dash of science-fictionesque probability here, a sprinkle of government controlled future hell there and voila! A reminder to vote. Starring Olivia Wilde (of House fame) this video takes a (warranted) jab at Sarah Palin, and (jokingly?) argues that if Republicans are ever to take over that they will merge with corporations, leaving us faced with a future ruled by RepubliCorp, where we’re constantly at war (even with the ocean, yes, the ocean) and everyone and everything is named after a business.

While I don’t agree with the boldest portion of the message (that Republicans are evil and Democrats good. But don’t get me wrong, I’m obviously extremely liberal), I do feel strongly about the overarching message: If you don’t take action to vote you are necessarily failing to meet your basic requirements for freedom. To vote is to practice giving a damn about the basic well being of yourself, your family, your community, and the citizens with whom you share a history and culture.

Beyond that the video is interesting insomuch as it’s well produced, quite frankly it worries me that groups have to go to such sophisticated measures to create a piece of art / entertainment just to remind people of their basic democratic duty.

Maybe, after voting day, the next step isn’t just to get people voting, but to get people thinking about election reform that would make running for office a more palatable idea for the leaders out there who aren’t nut-jobs or power hungry jerks – that would definitely make voting more appealing.

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