Massive beats take on bank bailouts

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Massive Attack — considered by some to be the most political band in Britain — recently wrapped up their second string of North American tour dates this year. The last time they performed on Turtle Island was back in 2006, and they didn’t disappoint in their return, impressing and enthralling long-time fans and newcomers alike (including our esteemed colleague Ezra Winton).

Their latest album, Heligoland, comes seven years after their last studio album. It’s gloomy and brooding — one review even goes so far to label it “defeatist-sounding”. But the subtly smart beats and dark beauty lays the foundation for lyrics that tackle contemporary social issues without an inch of restraint.

Massive Attack - Heligoland“We’re really into the global state of the world and the financial climate — the issues of news and media,” Del Naja told Rolling Stone earlier this year. “For me, as a sort of graffiti artist, you can be provocative, throwing up words and phrases. And you can be interesting. And slightly childish at the same time.”

Enjoy a sampling of the new album by checking out the video to Splitting The Atom, in which Massive Attack rails against bank bail-outs.

Massive Attack — Heligoland [Amazon: USA | CAN]

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