Friday Film Pick: Polytechnique

0 Posted by - September 17, 2010 - Blog, Friday Film Pick, Screen

As political debate continues to rage in Canada about the possible scrapping of the firearms registry, families of those killed in École Polytechnique massacre are lobbying government to save the program.

If you’re not familiar with the disturbing 1989 shooting in which 14 women were killed in a Montreal university, you’ll find a hauntingly beautiful introduction in the 2009 film Polytechnique by Denis Villeneuve. The black and white movie documents the events of that cruel December day through the eyes of two students and those of the gunman himself.

The film, although controversial, won accolades and awards, snagging nine Genies, including those for best picture, director, and male and female actor. It was also chosen as the Best Canadian Film of 2009 by the Toronto Film Critics Association.

All this is to say that you should definitely take 77 minutes of your life and watch this film. If you can’t find it in your local videostore, you can always turn to Amazon or iTunes.

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