Filling your head with “Stuffed”

0 Posted by - June 9, 2010 - Blog, Reviews, Sound

Stuffed is an album best consumed as though each track is a painting on the wall of a gallery.

Released on June 8, this chaotic audio collage comes to your ears compliments of gITar, a creative duo made of two Evansville, Indiana natives; Ellipse Elkshow and I Cut People.

The two childhood friends have used their home town as inspiration for their audio exploration of North American culture. Their town was, perhaps, an easy target: home to major polluters, factories, cancer statistics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and fast food creations.

Stuffed’s short tracks range in length from 57 seconds to two and a half minutes, and are a bizarre barrage of the sound clips you’ve been passively absorbing your entire life. Carefully woven together along common themes, each piece stands alone as a stew of music, news, television, movies, commercials, and video game audio snippets. Using every day verbiage, they have created little examinations of what we’re being fed by the media on a continual basis.

Perhaps the most frightening thing about listening to this album is the likelihood that you’ll recognize a large per centage of the audio clips, regardless of your aptitude for useless pop culture knowledge. You’ll be treated to everything from music from Saved by the Bell and the original Legend of Zelda to “news” on Paris Hilton‘s imprisonment.

In order to appreciate this album for what it is – art, not music or story or anything remotely soothing – take the time to absorb each track like you would a piece of visual art. Sit or stand quietly and ‘look’ at one track at a time. Contemplate it. Move on to the next one.

If you don’t absorb it this way, the chaotic cacophony of audio clips will just give you a headache.

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